Hi! My name is
Yohanna Romero Baca. 

I help hard-working, driven individuals go from struggling bar exam takers to licensed attorneys.


  • Are you a hard-working, driven individual who is struggling to pass the bar exam?

  • You've done everything you are supposed to do but keep falling short and don't understand why. It makes you start to question your ability to pass.

  • Embarrassed because your family, friends, and colleagues keep asking you if you passed.

  • You see everyone around you passing the bar exam even those who only study for 3 weeks.

  • Your family and friends don't get it. They don't understand what it's like to study and take the bar exam. They don't understand why you can't hang out.

  • You know you need to do things differently this time around but don't know what.

  • You feel stuck and like you can't start living your life until you pass the bar exam.

  • You know you will make an excellent attorney if you could only pass the bar exam.

  • You are not alone and you are in the right place!


Thanks to the Elevate Your IRAC method, I increased my score on the MEE and MPT by 26 points! My MBE score also went up by 12 points and I passed the NC bar exam with a 305! Before coming across the Elevate Your IRAC method, I had tried several popular bar prep courses out in the market today. This is unlike any other because you actually improve your own answers with Yohanna's detailed feedback. The other courses gave me negative feedback or feedback that was too general. None of them showed me how to actually improve my own answers. After learning the Elevate Your IRAC method, it became clear why I had not passed the first time. I was not studying correctly since I had been focusing on memorization. I did not have a roadmap to implement on the essays and performance test so my answers were all over. And I was not in the right frame of mind. This course is comprehensive. Don't waste 8 weeks doing things that don't work. Her method works.

-Sierra Hagg, University of Hawai'i,

North Carolina bar exam

So let me guess...

  • You are completely overwhelmed when it comes to the bar exam.

  • You feel you don't know where to start and who to listen to. Even if you did know, you are so busy with work, your family, and other responsibilities that the last thing you want to do is improve your bar exam essays and performance test answers.

  • So you can't sleep asking yourself, "How do I pass the bar exam?"

I'm sure you would like to put the bar exam behind you, right?

Don't worry!

There is a better way to conquer the bar exam.

I'm Yohanna Romero Baca, a bar exam coach who went from not passing the bar exam the first time to passing in 3 states.

In the process, I discovered how to maximize points on the written portion of the bar exam to PASS!

Using my unique Elevate Your IRAC method, the individuals I help pass earn more points on each essay and performance test to make up for the points they were short on the MBE.

I have seen time and time again that this is the easiest, most effective way to earn more points, and show bar exam graders you are ready to go out into the world as a practicing attorney.


First, there was Sierra, who came to me after not passing the North Carolina bar exam. She was about to take the bar exam but was still feeling unprepared and overwhelmed. 

Within a few days of learning my Elevate Your IRAC method, Sierra realized she had been studying incorrectly. She had been focusing too much on the MBEs. She quickly changed her focus to the essays and performance test.

This was a game-changer. She learned how to elevate her answers to the essays and performance test to a new level. She was pleasantly surprised to see her MBE score also go up from doing the work for the essays and performance test.

And of course, Sierra passed the July 2020 North Carolina bar exam!

It's not what you think it is...

  • The easiest way to go from not passing to passing the bar exam isn't by focusing on the MBE.

  • The easiest way to go from not passing to licensed attorney is by giving the written portion of the bar exam the attention it deserves.

  • It's about showing the bar exam grader that you know how to communicate effectively in writing and are ready to go out into the world as a practicing attorney.

  • The good news is...it's easier than you think!



After law school, I did what every responsible recent grad would do - sign up for one of the main bar prep courses.

I was working as a Law Clerk at a law firm in Washington DC while studying for the bar.  I followed the course to a tee. I attended every lecture, completed every worksheet, made my own flashcards, read and re-read my outlines. I did it all.

In July 2005, I took the Maryland bar exam. Despite completing my main bar prep course, I did not pass the bar exam.


I was devastated. I felt I let my family and my boss down. I did not understand where I had gone wrong. This was the first time I had failed at anything in my life. After all, I was a hard-working and responsible individual. I had successfully graduated from a high ranked liberal arts college and law school. There was no reason for me not to pass.

Everything changed for me when I realized that if I wanted to pass, I would have to shift my focus from the MBE to the written portion of the bar exam. I also realized I had not been studying correctly. I needed to understand the rules instead of attempting to memorize them all. Finally, I had to work on my frame of mind.

Out of this experience, my Elevate Your IRAC method was born. It worked so well that I used it two years later to pass the bar exam in Florida and two years after that to pass the bar exam in Texas! I launched my career and spent 15 years in private practice where I continued to hone my writing skills and obtain favorable results for my clients.

In short, writing saved my life! I passed the bar exam thanks to the BOOST in my score on the written portion of the bar exam which got me over the line every time.


I frequently hear the individuals I help pass say, "Why aren't bar prep courses teaching these techniques?"


This is when I realized I could help many other driven, hard-working individuals pass the bar exam. I started looking for ways to take what I learned and take what I knew worked and apply it to other individuals struggling to pass the bar exam.

With this method, I've helped other individuals pass the bar exam by leveraging the power they have to BOOST their score in the written portion of the bar exam.


If you are...
  1. Looking at other individuals who passed the bar exam and thinking, "How do I pass the bar exam?"

  2. Embarrassed because your family, friends, and colleagues keep asking if you passed.

  3. Frustrated because you have tried everything but aren't getting the results you want.

  4. Feeling overwhelmed because you have too many rules to study and memorize. 

  5. Spreading yourself too thin and feeling you don't have enough time to cover all the material. 

  6. Afraid you are going to waste months focusing on the wrong things.

  7. Anxious that even with all you have worked so far, which includes everything you did to graduate from law school, and endless hours studying for the bar exam, you STILL may score below the passing requirement.

It's not too late. We will work together to improve your answers on the essays and performance test to have bar exam graders saying YOU PASSED!
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