Ready to pass the bar exam?

You MUST show bar exam graders on the essays and the performance test that you are ready to practice law.

If you are reading this page, chances are you want to pass the bar exam. I don't have to tell you that to pass the bar exam, you must show bar exam graders you know the law and that you are ready to go out into the world as a practicing attorney.

But right now, you may be facing some huge obstacles that keep you from achieving your goal. 

You might be...

  • Worried about the new online format due to Covid-19

  • Overloading your schedule with work and family commitments to the point where you wonder how you will complete your next assignment -- yet wondering how you are going to fit bar prep into your schedule AND show bar exam graders that you are ready to go out into the world as a practicing attorney to pass the bar exam.

  • Doing your research on how to pass the bar exam but feeling overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice.

  • Stressing out over not being able to issue spot on the essays or complete the performance tests in the allotted time.

  • Starting to question whether you want to take the bar exam because the process seems so heavy and hard.

If you see yourself in any of these situations, you will probably want to read on.
Especially if you would like to...
  • Feel excited to sit at your computer on day 1 of the bar exam because you know your answers on the essays and performance test will paint you in the best possible light and get you one step closer to passing the bar exam.

  • See your name on the PASS LIST when the results are published!

  • Celebrate with your family and friends who are all congratulating you and recognizing that your hard work paid off.

  • Land your first attorney position where you  are fulfilled and making an impact by helping hundreds of clients.


Hi! I'm Yohanna. I help individuals who are struggling with the bar exam become licensed attorneys.

Students like...

  • Angie, who passed the MA bar exam by boosting her score on the written portion of the bar exam. Not only did she boost her score on the essays and performance test, her boss also started noticing an improvement in her writing. While studying for the bar exam, Angie received two awards at work and two promotions. A few weeks before taking the October 2020 bar exam, she felt so ready that she also became Zumba certified! She was recently sworn in and offered an attorney position as a Privacy Attorney at Liberty Mutual in Boston, MA.

  • And Sierra, who passed the North Carolina bar exam by implementing the Elevate Your IRAC method where she learned a better way to study and boosted her score by 26 points on the essays and the performance test. A few months after passing the bar exam, Sierra was able to return to her native Hawai'i where she works at a law firm. Sierra recently took the February 2021 Hawai'i bar exam since bar exam are no longer scary to her!

Are you noticing something what these individuals who passed the bar exam have in common?

Each of them learned my Elevate Your IRAC method to set themselves apart on the written portion of the bar exam and get a boost to their score to pass.

What would it mean to you if you could PASS THE BAR EXAM using the Elevate Your IRAC method to boost your score?

The problem is that without understanding what bar exam graders are looking for and how to deliver what they want, the harsh but true reality is you may continue falling short.

Only 58% of bar exam takers nationwide passed the bar exam in 2019, according to the NCBEX.

You might be making the mistake so many struggling bar exam takers make...burning yourself out by wasting long hours studying the wrong way, and stretching yourself so thin that you feel drained.

The problem with this approach is you are doing what everyone else is doing - more of the same hoping your score is high enough to pass the next time around.


Or trying new outlines, videos, and other resources that may not pay off in the end.

Which will get you the opposite result of what you truly desire: to earn enough points to pass.