The 3 Mistakes to Avoid for Success on the Bar Exam

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Discover a better way to go from a struggling bar exam taker to a licensed attorney without spending all your time studying to reach 85% accuracy on the MBE.

Are you struggling to pass the bar exam?

Are you practicing hundreds of MBE questions yet not getting 85% accuracy consistently? This time around, maybe you decided to practice more MBE questions on Adaptibar or start using your Emanuel's hoping to see an increase in your diagnostic score. Maybe you decided to purchase additional attack outlines, flashcards, and courses from the popular companies out on the market today.​

And meanwhile, you see those around you passing, even those who didn't study as much.

Unfortunately, in 2019, only 58% of those who took the bar exam nationwide passed, according to the NCBEX. As you may well know, after your second time taking the bar, it is even more difficult to pass.

Despite these statistics, many continue doing more of the same the second or third time around. Many continue focusing on the MBE and expecting a different result. 

The system is flawed. This doesn't make sense. How can it be that even after graduating from law school and completing bar prep courses, a huge percentage of bar exam takers don't pass?


Believe me, I understand. After law school, I completed my main bar prep course to a tee. I did hundreds of practice MBE questions and reviewed my answers. I made my own flashcards and read and re-read my outlines. Despite my effort, I didn't pass the Maryland bar exam the first time.

The problem with this strategy was I ended up getting average scores on BOTH the MBE and the written portion of the exam but not high enough to pass. ​

Everything changed for me when I realized the reason I did not pass was...

I wasn't studying correctly OR giving the written portion of the bar exam the attention it deserved.​ I wasted valuable time trying to reach 85% accuracy on the MBE.


Time and time again, I see individuals who don't pass the bar exam despite scoring in the 120's on the MBE.

If this is you, don't continue making the mistake many make year after year which keeps them stuck in struggling bar exam taker mode.

The fastest and easiest route to go from being a struggling bar exam taker to a licensed attorney is by leveraging the written portion of the bar exam to boost your score and pass

Here's why. There are just too many variables on the multiple-choice that are outside of your control. The written portion is different because, with a little training, you have the POWER to craft a high-scoring answer on each essay and performance test that will BOOST your score and get you over the line.

How can you pass the bar exam without the right strategy and guidance?

(Because if you don't figure it out, you run the risk of...well, you know.)

This is EXACTLY what I address in the FREE Training.

  • Why you need to STOP focusing on reaching 85% accuracy on the MBEs if you want to pass the bar exam the next time around.

  • How to leverage the written portion of the bar exam to boost your score and pass.

  • 3 key mistakes to avoid if you want to earn more points on each essay and performance test.


Hi, My name is Yohanna Romero Baca. I help hard-working, driven individuals leverage the written portion of the bar exam to boost their score and pass the bar exam. I conquered the bar exam in 3 states after failing it the first time. Now, I get to teach my 3 step method to the individuals I help pass.

If you are committed to passing the bar exam, sign up for my FREE Training. See you there!