Coming back for the February 2022 bar exam!

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In just two days, learn what main bar prep courses aren't teaching you: how to maximize points on each essay and performance test.

If you are struggling to pass the bar exam,​ you may be spending too much time on the multiple-choice and not giving the written portion the attention it deserves. This is a common mistake among struggling bar exam takers. After all, the essays and performance tests account for 50% of your score.

Unfortunately, in 2019, only 58% of those who took the bar exam nationwide passed, according to the NCBE.

The system is flawed. How can it be that even after graduating from law school and completing bar prep courses, a large percentage of bar exam takers don't pass?

Despite these statistics, many continue doing more of the same the second or third time around and expecting different results.


Many struggling bar exam takers continue to only dedicate a few days right before the exam to the written portion. 


Believe me, I understand. After law school, I completed my main bar prep course to a tee. I did hundreds of practice MBE questions and reviewed my answers. I made my own flashcards and read and re-read my outlines. Despite my effort, I didn't pass the bar exam the first time.

Everything changed for me when I realized the reason I did not pass was...

I didn't give the written portion of the bar exam the attention it deserved.​ I wasted valuable time trying to improve my accuracy on the MBE instead of doing the things that were going to make a difference in my score.

If this is you, don't continue making the mistake many make year after year which keeps them stuck in struggling bar exam taker mode.

The fastest and easiest route to go from being a struggling bar exam taker to a licensed attorney is by leveraging the written portion of the bar exam to boost your score and pass

Here's why. There are just too many variables on the multiple-choice that are outside of your control. The written portion is different because, with a little training, you have the POWER to craft a high-scoring answer on each essay and performance test that will BOOST your score and help you get you over the line.

The problem is bar prep courses don't provide the right guidance when it comes to the written portion of the bar exam.


Most bar prep courses only provide model answers. Model answers don't help you improve your own writing for several reasons. First, they are not realistic examples of what happens when you write on bar exam day under timed conditions. Second, model answers may leave you only outlining answers in the days before the exam. Third, you may only read the model answers because no one shows you how to write a high-scoring answer.

If you feel unprepared for the essays and performance tests, this Workshop is for you. This Workshop is also for you if you aren't already earning the most points on the essays and performance tests.


It is a great supplement to the hours you spend practicing hundreds of MBE's.

  • A roadmap you can use to answer every essay.

  • How to leverage the written portion of the bar exam to boost your score and pass.

  • Confidence that you are ready to answer any essay the bar exam throws your way.

  • 3 key mistakes to avoid if you want to maximize points on each essay and performance test.

  • How to analyze the you-know-what out of the facts presented.

  • How to start off your analysis with a BANG!

  • How to write your rule paragraph.

  • How not to run out of time on the MPTs.

  • How to use the documents in the MPT library effectively.



Hi, My name is Yohanna Romero Baca. I help hard-working, driven individuals maximize points on the written portion of the bar exam so they can finally pass the bar. I conquered the bar exam in 3 states after failing it the first time. Now, I get to teach my Elevate Your IRAC method to the individuals I help pass.

The last person to take the Workshop

increased her overall score by 50 points!

You can try to figure it out on your own or you can fast track your way to success on the bar exam by learning how to maximize points on the written portion. What will it be?