Discover how to finally PASS THE BAR EXAM (without an MBE score in the 160's).

Download: “3 STRATEGIES TO FINALLY PASS THE BAR EXAM,” a 16-page Workbook where I reveal the 3-part framework you can use to finally pass the bar exam this time. 

Yohanna Romero Baca, Esq.
Passed the bar exam in 3 states after failing it the first time.
Graduate of The George Washington University School of Law
15 years in private practice in Miami, FL and Houston, TX
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Hi! My name is Yohanna Romero Baca. After failing the bar exam the first time, I went on to conquer it in 3 states (Texas, Florida, and Maryland). Now I get to help hard-working, driven individuals pass the bar exam using my Elevate Your IRAC method.

Time and again, I find that the most effective way to pass the bar exam is by boosting your score on the written portion. It is the only section of the bar exam where you have more control over your score. On the MBE's, there are just too many variables outside of your control. Unfortunately, bar prep courses drop the ball when it comes to the written portion since model answers don't help you improve your own answers. This is why now I'm on a mission: to help JD grads improve their performance on the essays and performance tests so that they can pass the bar exam and start making a living as licensed attorneys.

Let's take on the bar exam!