You may have been dealing with the fear of failing the bar exam again. But have you stopped to think that perhaps it is your FEAR OF SUCCESS instead that is holding you back?

What I've noticed about individuals who study for the bar exam is that sometimes they procrastinate. Even though on the surface it appears they are doing everything possible to pass the bar exam, something is keeping them from going all in.

There is no reason they can't pass the bar exam since they are smart, responsible, hard-working individuals. In fact, they have never failed at anything in their lives! This is the first time. However, when it comes to bar exam related tasks, they struggle to make them a priority. They prefer to focus on their paid work, do a load of laundry, or go out for a run than sit to practice MBE, MEE and MPT questions.

I get it. I've been there myself.

If you find yourself procrastinating, stop to think whether it is fear of success that is holding you back. The bar exam exposes us to failing, letting people down, being judged, and the list goes on and on. It exposes us to losing friends who are jealous of our success. Perhaps our brain thinks our spouse won't love us anymore because they will feel "less than" once we become a hot shot attorney. Perhaps our brain thinks we will have less time with our family once we work long hours at a law firm.

Some of this sounds irrational (and it may be) but the fear of success is real.

Procrastination is our brain's way of keeping us safe. Our brain was designed to protect us. Our brain doesn't want us to be judged or not be loved.

Be aware of your fear of success on the bar exam so you can tackle it head on. Make success SAFE for your brain so it doesn't work against you.

My best advice is be brutally honest with yourself. Think -- WHAT AM I

AFRAID OF? Then, focus on the BENEFITS of success. Think about how many people you will help as an attorney. Think about the financial freedom you will experience once your paycheck starts coming in. Think about the opportunities and friendships working as an attorney will bring.

Lastly, to overcome procrastination, set specific GOALS every day. The night before, write down the three tasks that if completed the following day, will move you closer and closer to passing the bar exam. Ask yourself - If I only do one to three things today, what will get me closer to passing the bar exam? Do these first during your most productive hours.

Don't be afraid! Take on your fear of success head on! Life is better on the other side.

You've got this!

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