Elevate Your IRAC 10-Week Program

Ready to Finally Pass The Bar Exam So That You Can Start Making a Living as a Licensed Attorney?

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ELEVATE YOUR IRAC is a small group coaching program that gives you the tools, experiences, and coaching you'll need to improve your overall score by 45+ points so you can finally pass the bar exam.

Are you ready to start studying for the bar exam again and serious about passing this time? You've seen pass/fail statistics across the country and you know something is wrong in the bar prep world.

Right now, you may be feeling burned by trusting the process. You probably followed your bar prep course as best as you could. And you may have more bar prep resources than you know what to do with and still didn't pass.

You probably wish your family and friends stopped asking you, "How did it go on the bar exam?" You may be feeling embarrassed and wondering if people think you aren't smart enough to pass.

You know it's time to do things differently this time but you aren't sure exactly what. All you want is to pass with a score high enough to practice in any UBE state.

You know you have to raise your overall score...

BUT you may be thinking…

…raising my score is hard! I don't know where to start.


  • Practiced thousands of MBEs.
  • Watched lectures at 2x speed because you felt time was running out and you had too much ground to cover.
  • Read model answers and tried to use them as a guide.
  • Submitted a few essays and performance tests to your bar prep course only to get generalized feedback.
  • Outlined answers hoping your answers would come together on bar exam day because you consider yourself to be a decent writer.
  • Outlined answers hoping your answers would come together on bar exam day. Although you are NOT confident in your writing abilities, you managed to pass law school finals somehow so it should work for the bar exam also.
  • Ignored the written portion (especially the performance tests) because you got overwhelmed by how long they took and how hard they were to finish. After all, you have so much ground to cover and so little time!
  • Read and re-read your outlines. Used your flashcards. Filled out the handouts. You've done it all.

All this to say, right now the bar exam feels like a big, bad monster you can't overcome.

And probably inside, a part of you is scared you will fail again. Deep down inside you know you will make an excellent attorney if you could only pass the bar exam.

You may have even decided to stay off social media for a while because seeing everyone’s posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok celebrating their success on the bar exam and new jobs, leaves you feeling worse (even if you are happy for them).

What we all desire is to pass the bar exam with a score high enough for any UBE state so we can get that attorney job and pay. And one day open our own firms.

What we really want deep down inside is to feel confident so that when bar exam day comes, we don't freeze and freak out.

No matter what you did last time, you are not alone! And I understand. I failed the bar exam too the first time before passing it in 3 states. I know exactly what it's like to be overcome by the shame of failing the bar exam.

The good news is, it's not your fault. The bar prep system is flawed. Bar prep courses aren't the solution for a big percentage of bar exam takers.

Bar prep courses are the very reason you failed the bar exam. Yes, you read that right. They sell the idea that you will pass the bar exam if you complete the course.

BUT if that were the case, why are bar exam takers failing the bar exam in such high numbers? According to the NCBE, in 2019 only 58% of bar exam takers nationwide passed the bar exam. Post-pandemic the percentage of JD grads who don't pass the bar exam is still too high.

The reality is the bar prep system is flawed. Bar prep courses don’t work for a huge percentage of bar exam takers because they are deficient in 3 key areas.

It’s not your fault.

Here’s why following your bar prep course hasn’t worked:

It doesn’t show you how to study for the bar exam (the right way). You ASSUMED it would teach you what you needed to know to pass. On the other hand, your bar prep course ASSUMED you learned in law school what you needed to learn to pass the bar exam. This leads to bar exam takers having the WRONG EXPECTATIONS about what their bar prep course will do for them.

It doesn’t provide enough guidance when it comes to 50% of the bar exam – the written portion. It only gives you model answers and general feedback on a few essays and performance tests. This does not translate into YOU improving your own answers. It leaves you ignoring the essays and performance tests during bar prep because they seem too hard and they take too much time. Or it leaves you only reading/outlining the answers instead of writing them out. Overall, you end up going into Day 1 of the bar exam UNDERPREPARED and lacking confidence (even if you consider yourself a decent writer). It is no wonder you freeze, freak out, and run out of time.

It doesn’t show you how to remove the roadblocks that are holding you back. You end up procrastinating and self-sabotaging along the way without even realizing why or learning how to fix it.

The second time around, too many struggling bar exam takers assume they are struggling NOT because the bar prep system is flawed but because the bar exam is hard and they ran out of time during bar prep.

This leaves them doing more of the same the next time. BUT year after year, they end up with the same results.

If the path to success on the bar exam were doing more of the same, there would be many more successful repeat bar exam takers.

You don’t want to fall into this trap.

Imagine a reality where you …

  • No longer have to rely on model answers as a guide because you have a proven formula for drafting high-scoring answers.
  • No longer have to complete BS bar prep activities that don't help you understand the rules better than you do right now.
  • BOOST your overall score by 20 to 55 points!
  • Pick the right answer on the MBE because you understand the rules better than you do right now.
  • Write a cohesive and organized MPT answer in the allotted time.
  • Issue spot with confidence and ease.
  • Feel confident because you have a roadmap to follow that yields high points.
  • No longer freeze, panic, or freak out when you are presented with an essay or performance test that seems hard.
  • No longer run out of time on the essays and performance test.
  • See your name on the PASS list when results are posted!
  • Celebrate with your family and friends that you passed the bar exam!
  • Get the attorney position at the law firm or in-house counsel department or government job!
  • Have the ability to support your family!
  • Go back to socializing and living your life!
  • Start paying off your law school loans!
  • Start saving to buy your dream car and house!

The good news is…

There is a better way to prepare and pass the bar exam.

Time and again, I find that leveraging the written portion of the bar exam to your advantage is the most effective way to go from struggling bar exam taker to licensed attorney. I still haven't found a better way to pass the bar exam.

Here’s why:

You have more CONTROL over your score on the written portion. There are just too many variables on the multiple-choice that are outside of your control. It's as if they pull the rug from under you every time.

You have the POWER to draft a high-scoring answer. You have the power to show bar exam graders you are ready to go out into the world as a practicing attorney. After all, this is what they want to know before they license you.

The written portion is more predictable than the multiple-choice.

You have the POWER to impress bar exam graders with your lawyering and writing skills. It is the only section of the bar exam that is not graded by a computer.

The cold hard truth is...

If you have an MBE score in the 120’s or 130's and don’t significantly improve your score on the essays and performance tests, you will have to raise your MBE score to the 150’s or 160’s if you want to pass.

AND let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be here if raising your MBE score to a 160 were easy. I know I couldn't do it.

Earning more points on each essay and performance test doesn’t have to be hard.

You don’t need to be an award-winning writer to maximize points on the essays and performance tests.

You simply need better guidance than what you’ve received from your bar prep course and from your 1L legal research and writing class.

This is why I created the Elevate Your IRAC Program.

Passing the bar exam is not about getting a 160 on the MBE’s. It’s about improving your MBE score AND leveraging the written portion so that you make up for the points you are short.


The 10-week coaching program is designed to take you from a struggling bar exam taker to a licensed attorney.

Only 10 individuals per group.

The next LIVE round for the July 2024 bar exam

begins the week of May 13, 2024!

***Save your spot before I hit capacity.***

Check out these results from some of my clients...

Using the Elevate Your IRAC method, Sierra earned 26 more points on the written section alone and 12 on the MBE. She passed the North Carolina bar exam with an overall score of 305!

Using the Elevate Your IRAC method, Angie earned 21 more points on the written section alone and 12 on the MBE to pass the Massachusetts bar exam!

"Working with Yohanna, I was able to boost my overall score by over 55 points and pass the North Dakota bar exam! She taught me to focus on understanding the logic behind the rules rather than memorization. I learned to organize my essays, attack the issue head on, and how to use all the facts. Having her Elevate Your IRAC method as a guide instilled confidence in me which helped me get a high enough score to practice in any UBE state!"

- Sam S., North Dakota bar exam, Feb. 2022

You may only be 2 performance tests and 6 essays away from passing the bar exam if you learn a proven system for drafting high-scoring answers.

With the right guidance, the written portion of the bar exam can be simple and you can leverage it to rack up the points you need to get over the line.

The key is knowing HOW to prepare for the bar exam and elevate your IRAC to new levels so you can leverage the written portion of the bar exam to your advantage. That’s what we will cover during our time together.

What We Will Cover During Our Time Together


  • Why you can’t memorize your way through the bar exam (and what to do instead).
  • The Study to Pass Method: The right way to study for the bar exam.
  • 9 game-changing studying techniques to help you break down the rules and understand them better.
  • A practical approach for tackling the material.


  • The IRAC Like A Pro Formula: A blueprint you can follow on any essay bar examiners throw your way to maximize points.
  • How to craft a high-scoring issue statement and rule paragraph.
  • How to analyze the you-know-what out of the facts.
  • How not to run out of time or freeze if you get a question that seems hard.


  • How to organize your answer AND not to run out of time.
  • What the PT's are really about.
  • How not to get overwhelmed.
  • How to wrestle the library and case file.


  • How to stop procrastinating.
  • How to stop test anxiety.
  • How to stop the overwhelm.
  • How to feel confident going into the exam.

It’s everything I wish I had known before taking the bar exam the first time. It’s everything I know from taking and passing three bar exams and teaching others how to do it also. I packaged it into a simple and easy-to-follow process so you can avoid making the same mistakes and fast-track your way to success on the bar exam.

And while I know this may seem like a lot of work…when done right, it can yield serious points on the bar exam.

Check out some of my client's results!

  • Angie R. increased her score on the MEE/MPT by 21 points! (Overall score increased by 33 points!)
  • Jessica T. increased her score on the MEE/MPT by 49 points!
  • Cristina G. increased her score on the MEE/MPT by 29 points!
  • Tanner H. increased his score on the MEE/MPT by 21 points!
  • Alejandra A. increased her score on the MEE/MPT by 27 points!
  • Sam S. increased her score on the MEE/MPT by 42 points! (Overall score increased by 55 points!)
  • Sierra H. increased her score on the MEE/MPT by 26 points! (Overall score increased by 38 points!)
  • Monaie J. increased her score on the MEE/MPT by 22 points! (Overall score increased by 49 points!)
  • Shawn G. increased his score on the MEE/MPT by 16 points!
  • Zulma G. increased her score on the MEE/MPT by 29 points!
  • Nancy N. increased her overall score on the California bar exam by 189 points!

Ok, the recap! Here's Everything You'll Get When You Join The Program Today:

Weekly LIVE Group Calls

Weekly LIVE group calls over Zoom. During our time together, I walk you through the Study to Pass method and the IRAC Like A Pro Formula for drafting high-scoring answers. You will walk away with my proven system for drafting high-scoring answers on the essays and performance tests.

The live calls are on Thursdays at noon, CST. I will record these calls but I highly encourage you to attend live. The groups are small with only 10 individuals in each group.

Detailed Feedback on Essays and Performance Tests

Detailed feedback on essays and MPTs. The feedback is not generic like the one provided by “big box” bar prep companies. I won’t simply tell you to “use the facts more” or “apply the law to the facts.” I will show you exactly HOW to do these things. I will show you a roadmap you can implement on any essay/performance test so your answers will be organized and concise.

Mindset Coaching

We will work through several roadblocks that may be holding you back. You will learn tools and techniques to turn the bar exam into a positive experience.


You will get accountability to keep you consistently moving toward your bar exam-related goals.

Interactive Studying

Interactive studying with like-minded individuals with a similar experience as your own. You will have the opportunity to be part of a community so you can study together, talk through the rules, and stay motivated to move closer toward your goal.

Surprise Essays

Every Tuesday at noon, CST, I will host a surprise essay experience. This experience allows you to troubleshoot any challenges you experience when faced with a "surprise" essay and 30 minutes on the clock.

All sales are final.

The process of studying for the bar exam is inherently challenging and at times may not be fun or pleasant to work through. I understand that it is sometimes easier to request a refund. To be clear, this program will not work for you if you do not work it - if you do not face the emotional blocks, put in the time, and the work necessary to be successful in this program and on the bar exam.

It is my personal promise that even if what you learn in this Program is new to you, even if it is outside your comfort zone, you WILL improve your score on the written portion of the bar exam, if you do the work. My goal is for everyone to benefit from this Program. It is far more valuable to you to pass the bar exam than it is to get your money back from me because once you are a licensed attorney, the sky is the limit when it comes to your earning potential and impact. And I am dedicated to setting you up for success on the bar exam and beyond.

Gifts for You


A goal-setting and time management workshop to ensure you get the most out of your productive hours and not burn out in the process of studying for the bar exam.


Access to realistic sample answers to use as a guide and see how manageable essays and performance tests are!


A practice bar exam one month before the big day to give you an opportunity to troubleshoot any areas.


Get calm, inspired, and energized all at the same time with a grounding prayer/meditation the week of the bar exam.


I used this method to pass two bar exams. On the North Carolina bar exam, I increased my overall score by 38 points! On the MEE and MPT, I increased my score by 26 points! My MBE score also went up by 12 points and I passed the NC bar exam with a 305! Before coming across the Elevate Your IRAC method, I had tried several popular bar prep courses out in the market today. This is unlike any other because you actually improve your own answers with Yohanna's guidance and detailed feedback. The other courses gave me negative feedback or feedback that was too general. None of them showed me how to actually improve my own answers. After learning the Better Bar Prep method, it became clear why I had not passed the first time. I was not studying correctly since I had been focusing on memorization. I also did not have a roadmap to implement on the essays and performance test so my answers were all over. And I was not in the right frame of mind. This course is comprehensive. Don't waste 8 weeks doing things that don't work. Her method works.”

Sierra Hagg
University of Hawai'i North Carolina bar exam, July 2020 Hawai'i bar exam February 2021

I'm so glad I found Yohanna! My first time studying for the bar exam I would do anything possible to avoid the essays. I didn't feel confident about my writing ability in law school and the format my bar prep service was teaching wasn't working for me. Within a few weeks of working with Yohanna, I had a completely different outlook. I felt confident because I knew how to break down questions into simpler pieces and apply the law almost like a formula. She's great at teaching you how to organize your writing in a way that becomes automatic. Now I approach questions knowing exactly what to expect and it removed so much of the anxiety around the essays. Yohanna gives priceless feedback and I've only seen my essays get better since working with her. I appreciate how she doesn't try to completely change your writing but rather focuses on how to make your own writing more clear and concise. The amount of time I spent working on my MEE and MPT questions reduced drastically the more that I did practice questions and implemented her feedback. It didn't take long for me to reap the benefits of learning the Better Bar Prep method.

M. Jackson
Washington, D.C. bar exam, July 2021

I highly recommend this Program! As a repeat bar exam taker, I relied heavily on popular “big box” bar prep companies. I realized I needed a more individualized approach and Yohanna was my answered prayer! Not only did Yohanna help me elevate my writing by walking me through a step-by-step approach to answering any MEE question but she also showed me the importance of understanding the law. Writing from a place of understanding and not memorization helped me be confident even if I did not remember a rule verbatim. I wish I had found this program much sooner. This Program also ensured I was scheduling time for my mental, physical, and emotional health.

A. Henderson
New York bar exam, July 2021

Thanks to Coach Yohanna's method, I was able to raise my score significantly on the essays and performance tests and pass the Massachusetts bar exam! Going into the exam, I had a method to implement that yielded me high points. I went from dreading the essays and performance tests to enjoying them! I recommend her method to anyone who is feeling stuck. The only regret you will have is not learning the method!”

-Angie Romero
Massachusetts bar exam, October 2020
Graduate of Northeastern University

The Elevate Your IRAC Program is for you if…

  • You spent hours and hours studying for the bar exam and still didn't pass.
  • You know you will make an excellent attorney if you could only pass the bar exam.
  • You aren't confident in your ability to raise your overall score by 20 to 50+ points if left on your own.
  • You are committed to passing the bar exam this time around with a score high enough for any UBE state.
  • You lack confidence in your writing abilities and don’t consider yourself a strong writer.
  • You are confident in your writing abilities but NOT under timed conditions.
  • You know you need to supplement your efforts with additional guidance on the essays and performance tests, but you don’t know how.
  • You are overwhelmed by how long practicing essays and performance tests take and how hard they seem.
  • You are ready to make this the last time you take the bar exam!
  • You can’t afford to waste time trying to figure it all out and would benefit from guidance and accountability to keep you on track.

The Elevate Your IRAC Program is your accelerated path to passing the bar exam.

I’m taking out all the overwhelm so you can finally learn how to take on the bar exam in a way that is simple, fast, and that will yield you a high score.

If you are ready to learn a proven system to raise your overall score so that you can finally pass the bar exam, the next step is to save your spot inside the BETTER BAR PREP Program.


Why should I spend all this time and money on a program that only deals with half of the exam?


Didn’t I already learn how to IRAC?

Isn’t learning to elevate my IRAC too hard?

Do you guarantee results? Will Elevate Your IRAC work for me specifically?

When will the LIVE calls take place?

I don’t want to fall behind on the bar prep schedule I created. How much time will this take?

Didn’t I already spend enough money on law school, my bar prep course, flash cards, outlines, MBE software, books, and other resources?

You have a choice…

By now, you are aware of the opportunities you will have when you pass the bar exam.

The only choice that remains is whether you want to waste precious time and effort trying to figure this all out by yourself OR whether you will take matters into your own hands by investing in a proven system and a mentor who will teach you what your main bar prep course didn’t teach you: how to supercharge the process you use to study AND how to draft high-scoring answers on each essay and performance test. 

You know which option feels best for you. What will it be?

Think of it this way…

When you land your first position as a licensed attorney, ONE paycheck will pay for this program.

Can you really afford to NOT sign up?

Every year you are not a licensed attorney will cost you time and money.

What are you waiting for? Apply to join the Elevate Your IRAC Program before the spots fill up.