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Hi, I'm Yohanna! I help individuals who did not pass the bar exam pass by focusing on raising their score on the written portion of the exam.







  • You know you would make an excellent attorney if you could only pass the bar. 

  • You dread studying for the bar exam a second or a third time.

  • You would like to have a better balance between your family and work commitments and studying for the bar. 

  • You can't wait to launch your legal career to support yourself and your family.

  • You want to start repaying your law school loans right away.

You were told that completing the main bar prep course would get you a passing score so you listened to all the lectures, completed all the worksheets, and read and re-read your outlines for hours on end. 

You constantly feel like you need to:

  • buy the newest resource out in the market

  • switch your main bar prep course for a different one or 

  • invest in videos that explain the material succinctly.

You've tried listening to the lectures again and doing more practice questions but you are disappointed because your diagnostic scores don't improve by much. You tried joining a study group but you are still frustrated with your results.  So you tried a new app or purchased videos but that hasn't worked either. You stay in a constant state of confusion and your numbers don't go up by much. You are exhausted physically and emotionally.

Rather than focusing on improving your score on the written portion of the exam, you continue reading and re-reading your outlines, making flashcards, highlighting your materials, and attempting to memorize all the law. 

You are still left wondering how to do things differently the second time around. You always feel overwhelmed and that you are not retaining what you study. 

You get paralyzed by fear of failing again. That comes with self-doubt about whether or not you are smart enough to pass the bar and be the attorney you've always wanted to be. 

And you sit there questioning if you will ever pass the bar while others pass the bar exam the first time.  Even those who aren't as smart or did not study as much as you did.

Most people who do not pass the bar exam face one major hidden obstacle that always keeps that dream just outside their reach. The problem is they follow the generic plan laid out by their main bar prep course which makes them believe they have to memorize every rule in the books and outlines.  This doesn't work because there are just too many rules to memorize them all.

Now that you know this doesn't work for you, you are stuck. This keeps you feeling overwhelmed. 

This leads to dreading having to sit down again to study for the bar.  For some, this leads to failing it several times. Worse yet, some give up altogether.  

If you don't pass the bar exam, you won't get your dream job as an attorney and make the impact you know you want to make.

If you are serious about passing the bar exam, you have one of two choices to make right now. You can continue feeling overwhelmed following the traditional method thinking you have to memorize every rule and focusing on the multiple choice. 

But you know there is a better way. You can keep doing what you've been doing or you can say goodbye to the traditional method of rote memorization of every rule in the bar prep books.

A confident bar exam taker thinks very differently than a bar exam taker who feels overwhelmed,

They aren't blindly following the plan laid out by the main bar prep course which makes you believe you have to memorize every rule in the books and outlines.  


Instead, they are in control and always moving one step closer to their goal.

If you are like most people who did not pass the bar exam the first time, then chances are you've been following the main bar prep course without mapping out your own path to success based on where you have more control over your score.  

This wasn't your fault. It's what you were taught and what everyone else was doing. A mistake you didn't even realize you were making. But that's ok, it's all you knew until now.


I developed a system for individuals who did not pass the bar exam which takes away the overwhelm and fear of not passing. It's not another coaching program or bar prep course. It's a system designed to take you in 3 months from not having a clear path for success on the bar exam to having a system for passing the bar.

It's time to become a confident bar exam taker and my system will help you do this.

When you follow the system, you will finally... 

  • Know what it's like to feel ready to take on the bar exam. 

  • Walk into the exam room with confidence and ease. 

  • Have a roadmap to take on any essay and performance test presented on the bar.

With my system, you will reclaim your power instead of relying on the traditional method or wasting time, energy, and money on additional resources that may not work.

My system is unique in that it is personalized, comprehensive, and practical.  


10 beliefs holding bar exam takers back.


How to tackle the performance test without running out of time.


How to study effectively using the materials  you already own.


How to approach the multiple choice.


How to eliminate negative self-talk.


Review highly tested material.


How to communicate answers effectively on the essays to maximize points.


While coaching bar exam-takers, I hear over and over things like, "I wish I had known this!" and "Why don't bar prep courses teach these techniques?"

Hello, I'm Yohanna Romero Baca, founder of Bar Exam Coaching by Yohanna. After graduating from the George Washington University School of Law, just like you, I signed up for one of the main bar prep courses. I followed the course to a T. I attended all the lectures and completed the worksheets. I made my own flashcards in an attempt to memorize all the rules. I studied long hours and practiced multiple choice questions and essays.


Despite my effort, I failed the bar exam the first time.

I went on to pass the bar exam in three states (Maryland, Florida and Texas). In the process, I discovered a system for success on the bar exam.  I learned how to: 

  • study effectively,

  • focus on the written portion of the exam where I had more control over my score,  and

  • adjust my mindset to a winning one.

The bar exam became less daunting. It was never easy but each time I knew I had a reliable system which gave me the confidence I needed to succeed on three bar exams.  

But it didn't start this way. The first time I took the exam, I did not have a system and I did not pass. I tried memorizing all the rules but it was too much. I did not have a clear roadmap to implement on the essays. I was overwhelmed and suffering from anxiety. I froze and went into a panic as soon as I encountered a question that was too hard.

Everything changed for me when I realized I had more control over my score in the written portion of the exam than I did in the multiple choice. I decided I could not rely again on the plan set out by my main bar prep course. 

I knew I had to take matters into my own hands so I designed a reliable system for success on the bar exam focusing on the area in which I had more control over my score - the written portion of the exam.  

Thanks to passing the bar in several states, I launched my career as an attorney in Miami, FL and later in Houston, TX. I've  had the opportunity to help hundreds of clients, make a living, and repay my law school student loans.

After passing the bar in three states and 15 years in private practice, now I get to empower individuals with the skills and strategies they need to go from not passing the bar exam to passing.

Using my unique system, individuals reclaim their power - they study effectively, hone their writing skills to maximize points on the written portion of the exam, and adjust their mindset to a winning one. 


Yohanna helped me raise my bar exam score and pass the bar in North Carolina! Being my second attempt at the bar, I knew I had to change my study approach. As a stay-at-home mom, I had to make every second of study time count.  Yohanna was my secret weapon. She personalized a plan to my needs. She taught me that by focusing on the essays and PT, I could raise my score and get the points I needed to pass. She taught me a plan of attack I could use to answer anything the bar examiners threw my way on the essays and performance test. With her practical approach, I felt confident and calm going in because I knew I had a plan I just needed to implement. I did not have to rely on memorizing the insurmountable amount of material. She also helped me change my mindset which made a big difference in my score. She was always available to answer questions and cheer me on when I doubted myself.  Right after passing, I landed my dream job in Hawai'i.  I'm finally able to provide for my family and be a role model for my little girl. I can't recommend Yohanna enough!

-Sierra Hagg, University of Hawai'i,

North Carolina bar exam

let's make sure you pass.



If you are someone who did not pass the bar exam and who wants to pass the next time, you can get my entire system by working with me one-on-one for 3 months.


You will learn how to go from not passing the bar exam to passing with confidence.

You will reclaim your power and each week move closer and closer to passing the bar. You will study efficiently, improve the way you present your answers on the written portion of the exam, and adjust your mindset to a winning one.

Bar exam takers have more control over their score in the written portion of the exam. 

With my system, you will earn more points on each section of the exam, but particularly in the essays and performance test to get you over the line. 

I would love to see you be next.

My philosophy is simple:

  • You have more control to maximize points in the written portion of the exam than you do in the multiple choice. Using my method, you will know how bar exam graders think. And you will learn to present the information in the way they want it presented to earn more points.

  • Purchasing additional resources will not help if you don't know how to study effectively. Using my method, you will know how to use the materials you already own to study effectively.

  • You possess the confidence and know-how to pass the bar. I will show you how to draw from your own strengths and adjust your mindset to get over the line.

If you are thinking...

  • I don't have time to work with a coach one-on-one for 3 months.  

  • I don't have the money to spend on a one-on-one coach.

  • What if I work with you, learn the system, and I still don't pass?

  • If it were this simple, I would have figured it out already.

Think about the time and money you will spend using additional resources that may not work without a clear strategy.  Or the cost of having to take the bar exam again. Or the cost of not being promoted to the attorney position at work. 

It's not too late. We will work together to draw from your own strengths so you earn more points on each section of the exam.

Are you ready to get started?

Book a Strategy Session with me.  We will discuss where you are right now in your bar study journey and make sure we are a perfect fit.


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"Coach Yohanna is an incredible coach, tutor and mentor. With her coaching, I had a roadmap for the essays and performance test which gave me a lot of confidence going in. As a repeat bar exam taker, she helped me figure out how to study to understand the law.  She helped me free myself of my fear and anxiety towards the bar exam. It's incredible to me now how I even sat for prior bar exams without the right mindset, going into it feeling doubtful and afraid...that should have been an indicator. What I love the most is her practical, no-nonsense approach. She met me exactly where I was in my bar study journey and changed my outlook towards the exam into a positive one. I went from dreading the essays and MPT to enjoying them! Working with her was a game changer."

-Angie R., Northeastern University School of Law,

Massachusetts bar exam 

"Yohanna is smart, kind, and cares about you. She has a gift for guiding you through the darkest parts of the exam process only to take you to the other side of that fear and into the light of positivity. She not only understood where I was in terms of my writing, learning, and studying skills, but also understood me as a person. She taught me tools tailored for me and my personality. As the weeks went by, she helped me figure out how to study to understand the law which I was not doing before meeting her. Most importantly, she showed me how to write powerful answers to the essays. Before meeting Yohanna, the thought of taking the bar exam again gave me anxiety. I dreaded the process. As I continued to study long hours, I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and in pain. Now, thanks to her, I had a strategy and felt confident. I was even excited when I sat down to take the exam! She has forever provided me with tools I will continue to apply in my professional life. Applying her strategies will give you a super powered boost of inspiration and confidence in yourself. She is not only an excellent coach but an amazing mentor."

- Nancy S., California bar exam

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