A common misconception I see among struggling bar exam takers is thinking they didn’t pass
the bar exam because they didn’t practice enough MBE’s, MEE’s, and MPT’s. This
misconception leaves them thinking they can pass the next time if only they practice more.

I understand why you would think this since it’s a logical conclusion. When you see a young
child mess up at his piano recital, you think to yourself — he would have done better had he
practiced more.

The problem with this line of thinking is that sometimes, it’s not that the child didn’t practice
his piece enough. Rather, the child didn’t know how to read the music and how to play those
notes. To fix the areas where he got stuck, he can’t simply practice the piece a thousand times
because he would end up making the same mistakes over and over. He is better off first
understanding how to read the music and how to play those notes before he continues to

Similarly, failing the bar exam is due to a lack of understanding of the rules, not lack of practice.
Some individuals keep failing the bar exam year after year despite having completed thousands
of MBE’s. This is evidence that practicing more is not the always the answer. If they continue to
think they didn’t pass because they didn’t practice enough, the next time around they may
spend even more time practicing MBE’s instead of doing what will actually help them pass
which is gaining a better understanding of the rules. In the end, they may end up with the same

What will help these individuals finally pass the bar exam is to slow down to learn and
understand the rules better. In other words, practice makes perfect isn’t the advice you need if
you’ve been struggling to pass the bar exam.

Doing more of the same will NOT get you different results. Your time is better spent learning
the rules well because for whatever reason, you didn’t learn them well enough in law school or
in your main bar prep course. Your time is better spent understanding the law, how it works,
and why. In the end, your understanding of the rules is what will help you increase your score
on the MBE’s and MEE’s and ultimately help you pass the bar exam.

Let me ask you, will you continue doing more of the same expecting different results? Or will
you put in the time and effort it takes to understand the rules better this time?


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