Do you want to know what’s keeping you from passing the bar exam? Your surface-level
understanding of the rules.

If you want to FINALLY pass the bar exam, get a deeper understanding of the rules. It really is
that simple.

Unfortunately, the popular belief is you want to “build a base of knowledge that is wide and
shallow rather than narrow and deep” and that all you need is “minimum competency.”

This line of thinking is EXACTLY why JD grads are failing the bar exam in such high numbers.

This approach works for those who did all their reading and learned the rules well in law school.
What about the rest of us mortals who were trying to keep our heads above water and not

You NEED more than wide and shallow. In fact, you NEED narrow and deep. The OPPOSITE of
what you hear from the big-box bar prep companies!

Re-evaluate your current studying techniques so you can get a deeper understanding of the
rules. Here are four simple ways you can up-level your studying techniques.

1. Translate rules into your own words. If you can’t translate a complicated rules into your
own words, you don’t understand it.

2. Explain the rules to a non-attorney. This is how you know whether you really
understand the rule or not. Non-attorneys will ask you “street smart” questions. If you
can’t answer their questions, keep studying the rule.
3. Figure out the

logic/reasoning behind the rule. Why does this rule make sense? How
does this rule work? Why does this rule exist in the first place?

4. Fill in the gaps in your knowledge by teaching yourself the rules using more than mere
outlines, handouts, and flashcards.


For more strategies, register for my free training. It will change your approach to the bar exam
and your life.

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